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Title: Background Paper for Climate Change Workshop

Author: Hilal Elver, Richard Falk and Berry Hold

Download PDF


Title: Climate Change and Security, Climate Change as a 'Threat multiplier'

Author: Hilal Elver

Download PDF


Title:  Clarifying the impact of Climate Change in North Africa

Author: Miriam Lowi

Download PDF


Title: Climate Change, Human Security and Environmental Ethics

Author: Hans Von Sponeck

Download PDF 


Title: Climate Change and Human Security: African perspectives

Author: Balgis Osman-Helasha 

Download PDF


Title: Climate Change, Water resources and and the Politics of Human Security in the Middle East and North Africa

Author: Jeannie Sowers and Erika Weinthal 

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Title: Arab Spring - An Interview with Moulay Hicham

Author: Stephen Smith

Publication: Le Débat, September 2011

Download PDF


Title: The Split in Arab Culture

Author: Hicham Ben Abdallah El Alaoui

Publication: Journal of Democracy, Volume 22, Number 1, January 2011

Download PDF


Title: No Picnic, the Dynamics of Culture in the Contemporary Arab World

Author: Hicham Ben Abdallah El Alaoui

Publication: Le Monde Diplomatique, August 2010

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Title: Back to the future, the Arab nationalist tradition and the political imagination of today

Author: Hicham Ben Abdallah El Alaoui

Publication: Le Monde Diplomatique, August 2009

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Title: Face à l’occupation américaine de l’Irak, le monde arabe au pied du mur

Author: Hicham Ben Abdallah El Alaoui

Publication: Le Monde Diplomatique, October 2003

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"Gone with the Wind? Four Years after the Arab Spring"

Inaugural Conference of the Middle East and North African Studies Program, Notherwestern University (PDF) by Prince Moulay Hicham Ben Abdallah
Friday, October 23, 2015

In the Press
The Other Morocco

An article by Moulay Hicham in the French publication 'Pouvoirs'

Morocco five years from now, in the aftermath of the “Cumin Revolution” : through such a projection and without any recourse to political fiction,the article draws an a posteriori balance sheet of the current stalemate by looking at the solutions proposed. Such a reversal of perspective makes it possible to raise old questions, left unanswered, in a new form. In this light, the “new Morocco” seems like a pipe dream, the confinement of the country into a waiting room following the current wait-and-see policy, a real utopia. Yet, the other Morocco – a country where life would be easy and pleasant – is within reach.

A Whisper to a Roar, the Film
Opening Remarks, Los Angeles

Clip from Prince Moulay Hicham’s Opening Remarks at the World Premiere of “A Whisper to a Roar” at the Directors’ Guild Theatre in Los Angeles on October 3, 2012, where he speaks to “the conflict between human nature and the human spirit.”

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